Saturday, November 10, 2012

Here and there and everywhere

Well life in the village in October and November has continued to be hot. But we've started to get some good thunderstorms. You know it's a good storm if the thunders loud enough to shake your entire hut. Means it should definitely be cooler the next day! Anywho. Figured I'd add in a new post about what I've been up to - mostly in the village - with a side trip down to Lusaka for our Training of Facilitators for our Girls Camp. That'll the next post - girls camp!!! Coming up in a  mere 4 weeks and much to do! Which is what I've primarly been up to when I'm not teaching at the school. Grade 9 exams begin monday and last two weeks so teaching and school is coming to a close for the year. So, enjoy the pictures and a little snapshot into the last couple of weeks. 

Hanging out at the school practice for Independence Day. Two of the teacher's daughters (different families)

Practicing traditional dances in one of the teacher's yards. 

Check it out! Yep I biked that grass several km to my hut to fill in some holes in my kinzanza and kimbusu roof. Rainy season I'm completely ready, please bring the cool weather.

Zambia's Independence Day!!! October 24th, 1964

They went all out for celebrations. Put up a tent at the school where vips got to sit, as the visiting American made it as a VIP and a judge of talent! 

Grade 5 and 6 girls performing traditional dances to celebrate independence! 
And my favorite part of the day - the eating contest. Take one was with bread and zam-cokes and take two featured above is with nshima and beans. The boys just couldn't figure out if they should roll their nshima into balls first or bite hunks out of it (not quite as amusing unless you have some background of nshima..)


  1. oh brother. it was on my head while I biked. that picture is of my bike lying on the ground at my hut when I successfully made it back. Safety first :)